The Bats: The Guilty Office

The Bats
The Guilty Office
(Hidden Agenda)

Everybody wants to be a rock ‘n’ roller. Why not, it’s fun. Well, I guess the best reason why not is, what happens when you just cannot sing with any charm whatsoever. Or maybe we are being unfair, charm may be the one thing Robert Scott does have going for him. But it is a very low-key charm at that. The songs on this album seem to have a low grade winsome quality – think The Church stripped of mystery with John Cale (on a bad day with a cold) singing – and you get an idea of what The Bats’ Guilty Office sounds like. It is not bad, it truly isn’t, but do you have time in your life for this stuff? Maybe you do, if you are a literate, slightly nerdy rock wannabee, who finds the fact that these guys make records at all an encouraging thing for your own muzzy rock dreams. The reason that we are worried is that these are the same ultra hipsters who – when do the beer in excess thing – start singing along with the Journey karaoke.  We think that is great that everybody wants to be at the big party in the sky, but should you trust your children around people like that?