The Angelus: There Will Be No Peace (Tofu Carnage)

The Angelus
There Will Be No Peace
(Tofu Carnage)

It’s pretty amazing how much sound a trio can make.

The Denton, Texas-based experimental band, The Angelus, featuring Emil Rapstine, Justin Evans, and Ryan Wasterlain, manage to make sweeping epic music that covers every inch of the room with a third of the members that Arcade Fire trots out for their records.

‘There Will Be No Peace’ is a big step forward for the band, picking up where ‘On a Dark Barren Land’ left off. Over nine tracks, the band mixes droning guitars and hypnotic basslines and drums, with Rapstine’s distinct vocals making for a trippy, atmospheric orchestra.

Admittedly the music is not for everyone; it comes off as a bit monotonous with one song bleeding almost seamlessly into the next. The band, lyrically and musically, also comes off as a little pretentious at times (but what do you expect from a group named after a Catholic devotional prayer?).