System and Station: I’m Here to Kill

System and Station, a band long-lived since the 1990s, have delivered yet another impressive release they can proudly add to a lengthy DIY discography. One thing I love about System is their ability to preserve the ’90s post melodic sound on even their most recent releases. They combine their niche with producer Larry Crane and their talented songwriting to find this formula that most bands never find in a producer. The tones and sounds of each track on I’m Here to Kill is mixed to complement the songs as they are arranged. The EP marks another release in which System and Station continue to add to their repertoire of urgent yet catchy and melodic style.

The six-song album begins with a fast paced “Love etc,” a track that resembles much of what System has been so very successful at delivering in the past. The second track, however, is my favorite on the EP. “Bird Will Fly” is a waltzy rock ballad complete with catchy vocals and captivating lead guitars. It is dynamic and most of all fun. The song is by far the most original and memorable of songs on the extended play.

Overall the album is arranged well for a short taste of what System and Station can and most likely will continue to do. I would have hoped to hear System and Station take a few more risks on I’m Here To Kill. After all, it is only a six-song EP, right? It is clear that the band is comfortable with the style they know well. They continue to lie under the radar, writing excellent songs using the same formula. And for System and Station, it works very well.