Suit of Lights: Bacteria

Suit of Lights
(Visiting Hours)

Suit of Lights are a collection of musicians who have a penchant for melody-fueled indie rock, a band that just so happens to include former members of Thursday, Catch 22, Streetlight Manifesto and Mr. Bungle. They are accomplished as individual musicians and have had success with previous bands, but Suit of Lights are prepared to blaze their own trail, this time together as one, and the band’s latest, Bacteria, should be the fuel they need to start the fire.

Some tracks on Bacteria do have the problem of running into one another, but albums in which this isn’t an issue are few and far between. With this disc you will get more than a handful of positives, one clearly being frontman Joe Darone (The Undead/The Rosenbergs). Bacteria is an effort rich with lofty melodies, a vehicle driven by the wonderful vocal contributions of Darone, whose voice can be stunningly emotive, yet powerful in the same breath. He can successfully carry a track on his back and make it easily listenable, something he showcases track after track on this record.

Suit of Lights shouldn’t have any problems climbing the ladder to indie rock success. Now they just need you listen to them, which is a good idea for sure. A good jumping off point would be Bacteria.