Stormy Monday: Starring – Melanie Griffith, Sean Bean, Tommy Lee Jones, Sting (Arrow/MVD)

Stormy Monday Blu Ray / DVD
Starring – Melanie Griffith, Sean Bean, Tommy Lee Jones, Sting

Originally released in 1988, writer and director Mike Figgis’ “Stormy Monday” is his directorial debut and is being reissued in this deluxe Blu-Ray and DVD combo pack.

The noir-influenced gangster movie takes place in Newcastle England, where it is “America Week,” filled with plenty of American jazz and blues bands, patriotic imagery, and parades. The concept was to build a better business between the city and business mogul Cosmo (Tommy Lee Jones). Cosmo is a wheeler and dealer and it’s a safe bet that most of his deals aren’t legit. He hires American and ex-girlfriend Kate (Melanie Griffith) to look around the politicians.

Cosmo has his eye on taking over the Key Club, Newcastle’s finest jazz club owned by Finney (Sting). When out of work Brendan (Sean Bean) answers an ad to be the cleaning help for the Key Club he gets more than he bargained for. Soon he becomes Finney’s right-hand man, taking care of the bands while mopping up after the night is done.

After a night of work, Brendan runs into Kate at her real job, waitressing at a local greasy spoon. The two are smitten with each other and quickly start dating. Kate is elusive about her other job and past with Cosmo, but when Finney balks at Cosmo’s offer to buy the club, Cosmo goes after Kate and Brendan to make a statement.

Visually, “Stormy Monday” is impressive, with its fog rolling in the mornings and rain-soaked streets at night. Cinematographer Roger Deakins also captures the old-world charm of the buildings around the city.

Although “Stormy Monday” is considered a cult or mobster film, you will find yourself hoping for the best for Kate and Brendan. They make a genuine couple, and, despite their circumstances, have dreams of a quite normal life.