Steve Adamyk Band: Forever Won’t Wait / Mind Spiders: Meltdown

Steve Adamyk
Band Forever Won’t Wait

Mind Spiders

Listen up kids: this is your Auntie Dawn. You youngsters don’t know how good you’ve got it. There’s a lot of great music around these days, all you have to do is go on that Internet thingie and search “punk rawk” and a whole tasty crapload of it jumps out and hits you right in the face. In my day, we had to go to the record store. Your mom and dad told you about records, right? Well, unless you lived somewhere like New Yawk City, most of the records in the store were from lame-ass bands like Journey, Styx, Kansas… what? You kids actually think that stuff’s cool these days? Yikes, it’s going to be harder than I thought.

If we searched really hard and were really, really lucky, we could hunt down some really cool punk rawk or new wave hiding behind all the corporate rock crap. Now I’m not talking about the new wave you’ve seen on MTV like Bananarama and Flock of Haircuts and the like. The stuff I loved was really twisted. The Mind Spiders remind me of some of that music, with a deadpan nerdboy vocalist, weird little buzzing keyboards that whoosh and bleep, and a general futuristic feel… but listen long enough and suddenly there’s a chord change and pop appears! Magic. It sounds kind of like Brian Eno meets the Buzzcocks, if that means anything to you kids.

Steve Adamyk: Band Forever Won’t Wait / Mind Spiders: MeltdownThe Mind Spiders are the brainchild of Mark Ryan, a rocker from Denton, Texas who’s been in a bunch of other bands which I’ve never heard because I’m too busy complaining about the boring stuff on the radio to get off my ass and hunt down the good stuff. Don’t let that happen to you.

The Steve Adamyk band confused me at first, because there was a Seattle guy named Steve Adamek who played in this cool band called the Allies in the early ’80s, but this isn’t him. I bet he’d like this band, though. This is the kind of music we used to call power pop, kind of like John Lennon meets Johnny Rotten. The first song flattens you right against the wall, and the album continues hammering you relentlessly from start to finish. The easiest label is “garage rock,” but these guys probably blew up their garage long ago. I’d still call it pop, though; the music’s sweet and crunchy and makes you want to dance all spazzy. Plus, these guys are Canadian, which is always a swell thing to be.

Play these or any other Dirtnap releases at your next party and watch horrified Kansas fans stampede for the door. It’s hilarious!