Stacy Jones: Whiskey, Wine, & Water

Stacy Jones

StacyJones-WhiskeyWineWaterWhiskey, Wine, & Water

Coming off another award-winning year – 2014 Washington Blues Society “Best Female Vocalist” – Stacy Jones returns with another blistering blues long-player, ‘Whiskey, Wine, & Water.’

After the album opens the train-chuggin blues of “Can’t Do Nothin’ Right,” there’s a couple things conspicuously missing here. Jones dropped the “Band” from her moniker, and her harmonica-fused blues sound she built her career on is pushed to the back in favor of a more alt-country and dare I say folk as the primary basis of these song structures.

Don’t get me wrong, there are still elements of blues within these dozen tracks. The down and dirty title track has a little swagger to it, while the boogie woogie of “Keep On Keepin’ On” is an ass shaker. Aside from those three tracks, Jones’ influences of Big Mama Thorton, Muddy Waters, and Led Zeppelin are replaced by the country two-step of “You and Me, Tonight,” the 1960s folk of “4 Days More.” and the bluegrass of “Lost Lovers Waltz.”

This isn’t a bad thing, but it’s unexpected. With elements of the Carter Family and Lucinda Williams running throughout these tracks, Stacy Jones expands her repertoire and pulls it off because she had an amazing range as a vocalist. It’s just that ‘Whiskey, Wine, & Water’ is more Nashville honky-tonk than Mississippi juke joint.