Stacy Clark: Connect the Dots

Stacy Clark
Connect the Dots

Singer/songwriter Stacy Clark moves into a more acoustic direction on her sophomore release Connect the Dots.  Clark received critical acclaim for 2007’s self-released Apples and Oranges, which featured a lot of electronic effects embellished into her songs.

Connect the Dots finds Clark stripped down to the basics and, in the end, it produces a richer, fuller sound based on the organic instruments. Though it’s her second release, it’s her recording-label debut for Vanguard Records. The singer songwriter worked with producer Matt Appleton (Panic at the Disco, The Veronicas) for the project, who gets co-writing credits on a few of the tunes.

The majority of the songs on Connect the Dots are infectious piano-driven pop.  Clark has a unique voice which hooks the listener and brings one into the songs.  Clark’s style is strong throughout the album.  “White Lies” has some of the musical punctuation of Apples and Oranges but it’s accomplished with piano and overlaid vocals instead of electronics, giving a more full-bodied sound than the singer’s debut album.   We also hear that catchy punctuation on “Don’t Take What’s Mine,” which has a delightful interplay between Clark’s piano and Appleton’s horns.

Many of Clark’s tunes are instantly recognizable, as they have already been featured in commercials and on television shows.  Listeners will recognize the incredibly memorable first single “Touch and Go,” which has been featured in a Palm Pre commercial.  “All Time Love” was featured on CW’s “One Tree Hill.”

Overall, Clark shows great growth on Connect the Dots.  She’s certainly an American singer/songwriter to watch.