Spriewald: Full Capsule

Full Capsule
(MRG Recordings)

Spriewald is bassist and songwriter Daniel Spriewald, formerally of the California band Serum. His debut Full Capsule is a striking diverse record with driven hard rockers, bouncy pop numbers and a few throught-provoking down tempo numbers.

The album kicks off fueled by bass and drum-heavy “Sleeping” and “Needle in the Heart.” These balls-out rockers set the tone for a rollercoaster ride of masterful instrumentation and introspective lyrics.

“Give It Up” is hard to pinpoint and is the weakest song on the record, but Spriewald comes back with the haunting if not scary ballad entitled “Shotgun.” It should be noted that this song, in fact the majority of this album, was inspired by Daniel Spriewald getting shot with a shotgun in a random act of violence which left 21 holes in his body. When he repeatedly sings “I want you to know, it takes a little more than what you got to take me down,” you believe him and cheer for this guy to get up and keep fighting.

The album starts its climb again following “Shotgun” with blissful pop rockers “Eversince” and “It Ain’t Over.” “Fear” is another one of Spriewald’ s songs which iis hard to put into a category, but this time it works perfectly with its mixture of conventional and unconventional instruments producing a wonderful soundscape behind Daniel’s vocals.

Full Collapse has it all, and that is only a speck in the sand why this debut is such a magificant treasure. Even though the album blends rock, pop, Americana and ambient generes, it all flows seamlessly throughout the dozen tracks. I’d be remissed if I didn’t mention the production. The fact that the drums and bass aren’t buried in the tracks makes these songs standout. The album was produced by Matt Sherrod (drummer for Crowded House.)

Going into this recording, knowing Daniel Spriewald literally faced death and won, makes it much more intense, but it is not all entirely dark. He also brings humor, insightful and honesty to these songs. Kudos to this talented individual and let’s only hope it doesn’t take another near-death experience to make another album this fantastic.