SorryEverAfter: Meet Us When the Lights Go Low

Meet Us When the Lights Go Low

Veterans of the San Francisco music scene Lynda Mandolyn (vocals, guitar); Christa DiBiase (vocals, guitar); Erica Liss (bass, vocals); and  Mike Cloward (drums) comprise the punk rock band SorryEverAfter.

Still in their infancy, the band has recorded six powerful and memorable songs which encompass such genres as punk, surf rock, and even a little pop.

Led by front woman Mandolyn, the band is filled with hooks galore and the three-headed monster of female vocals – think the Bangles or the Go-Go’s if they beefed up their sound, are just fantastic.

Fresh and simple, SorryEverAfter shows that less can indeed be more with the catchy opener “On the Inside” and the Kinks-esque “Honey Girl.” Giving a nod to the Ramones and surf punk, the blistering “Pill” is the highlight of the disc with its driving rhythm guitars and intricate bass lines.

Considering SorryEverAfter hasn’t been around all the long, Meet Us When the Lights Go Low is evidence of four talented musicians coming together and making a solid debut effort. Given more time to write and record a full length, the possibilities for this band are endless.