Sleater Kinney: Live In Paris (Sub Pop)

SleaterKinney-LiveInParisSleater Kinney
Live In Paris
(Sub Pop)

After a 10-year hiatus, feminist punk icons Sleater Kinney made their celebrated return with ‘No Cities to Love’ in 2015 and they were just as electric as they were before their break. Carrie Brownstein (guitar, vocals), Corin Tucker (vocals, guitar), and Janet Weiss (drums) hit the road for a world tour in support of the album and their legion of fans welcomed the trio back with open arms.

On March 20 Sleater Kinney’s international tour pulled into the Cigale in Paris, France and the trio put on a show which will go down in the band’s history as one of their best live performances. Luckily for fans, the show was captured and now released simple as “Live In Paris’ on Sub Pop Records.

From the moment Sleater Kinney step on stage they are on fire exploding into the new song “Price Tag” followed by an old gem “Oh!” Brownstein, Tucker, and Weiss are firing on all cylinders sounding better than ever with their sonic sound and rebellious yet charming stage presence.

Other highlights include a blistering version of “What’s Mine Is Yours,” from ‘The Woods’ album. In fact, the trio plays three other tracks from that album, the brooding and bombastic “Entertain,” the addictive “Jumpers,” and closes the show with “Modern Girl.” Along with “Price Tag,” Sleater Kinney throws in three other new songs — “A New Wave,” “No Cities To Love,” and “Surface Envy.” The new tracks merge beautifully in this perfect set list which finds the women digging deep into the Sleater back catalog pulling out “I Wanna Be Your Joey Ramone” from 1996’s ‘Call the Doctor’ and “Start Together” from 1999’s ‘The Hot Rock.’

The trio closes the set with the long-time fan favorite “Dig Me Out” for their encore, but the Paris faithful won’t let the trio get away that easily and Brownstein, Tucker, and Weiss come back for a second encore where they bring the house down with “Modern Girl.”

Sleater Kinney ‘Live In Paris’ is one for the ages. It is a live release which people will look upon as the ’70s generation looks upon ‘Frampton Comes Alive.’ Let’s hope there are many more shows to come in Sleater Kinney’s future.