Skinny Girl Diet: Heavy Flow (HHBTM)

skinnygirldietSkinny Girl Diet
Heavy Flow

The British feminist punk trio Skinny Girl Diet are a reminder that the Riotgrrl movement, though a little more under the radar, is still alive in bands across the globe. Their first full-length, the scorching, distortion-layered “Heavy Flow,” is one hell of a statement from the band.

The trio is able to get across a wide range of influences in the 14 songs here, from punk and metal on tracks like “Bored” or “DMT” to a more grunge/rock vibe on a song like “Okay.” There is a strong DIY feel to the record, which is part of the appeal, especially at a time when you can easily fix any musical flaws via cheap software on your laptop. The band’s penchant for strong political views is also bound to be a nice refuge for many, considering the current global political clusterfuck we are heading into.