Singer/Songwriter Cami Lundeen Sets Out On Tour, Launches ‘Wild Ride’ Album Campaign

In the late winter of 2010, I was diagnosed with a rare, incurable, autoimmune liver disease (a complication/addition to my previously diagnosed intestinal disease). At the time I had four very young children ages seven, three, one, and newborn.

As you can imagine (as many would after any life altering diagnosis) I went through a time of depression.
A time of dealing with fear and anger like I never had before. The anger about how this would affect me, and my family. The anger over how my life would change.

The fear of the “what if.” The fear of leaving these four precious souls motherless.
How do you overcome such a large, overwhelming obstruction of your life and thoughts?!
For me?
Music became my coping mechanism.
My outlet.
My saving grace.
What pulled me out of myself to a greater focus.
A greater purpose.

Since the release of Run Free in 2013, I have performed hundreds of shows, toured the country, unintentionally settled in a new state, experienced some of the worst pain, and the greatest joy possible.

with my soul laid bare,
after life has taken many more
unexpected twists and turns,
after vast musical growth,
with many new songs
that mean a great deal
to more than just myself.
Songs that deserve to be given a voice.
A voice to the heartache.
A voice to the healing.

The floodgates of songwriting opened.
I poured out my heart and soul into song.
Songs that became a saving grace for others.
A hope to those who heard. Songs that meant so much to so many, that they used their valuable time, and hard earned money to help make my debut album Run Free.

As I said about RUN FREE, I also say about WILD RIDE… Making this record is not about me; it’s not about fame or money. It’s about you – about all of us. It’s about sharing a piece of me that might make this life a little better for someone – even if just for a moment. It’s about leaving a legacy for my children – leaving behind something for them, and everyone, to know me by when the day comes that I am no longer here to sing these songs myself.

By donating to my campaign, you are affecting multitudes, Including those four precious children who’s survival is dependent on the financial aspect of their mother’s music.

I have great rewards for donations of all sizes.
Pre-release albums, stickers, shirts, house concerts…

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