Sincerely Calvin: Suits and Ladders

Sincerely Calvin
Suits and Ladders

Anytime you thank “all the ho’s that keep us up late” in your liner notes of your first release should automatically have one strike against you as a band. Of course, if you are Snoop Dogg or Jay-Z, then obviously you can get away with it. But when you are four white boys from the small town of Naperville, Ill., it just makes you look like idiots. Just remember kids, once it is in print it always stays in print.

All that being said, Sincerely Calvin has delivered their debut full length Suits and Ladders. The album begins with a nice opener “Volunteers.” The song is just over four minutes. But the first minute and half is a solid intro that has a hop-in-your-car-and-drive feeling. The track has a hook that is infectious and adds in a flavor of latin guitar. With this, Sincerely Calvin ccould be sitting on top of a hit single.

The band, who is credited for all the songwriting, has all points heading north with their writing style of politically and socially aware lyrics. They also dabble in the steadfast true themes of the female species and lost loves.

Sincerely Calvin is also credited for playing all their instruments. The group is listed for the standard drum, bass and guitar, but there is also more. There is also splendid piano pieces on the album such as “Ghosts,” “Forecast Cloudy Pavement” and “Movement.”

All said and done, Suites and Ladders have strong potential for these four young lads, despite childish liner notes.