Silverstein: Rescue


Silverstein are good at what they do. If their latest, Rescue, proves nothing else, it at least proves that. This band isn’t out to surprise you because it’s just not in their makeup. Just because they’re not pulling a My Chemical Romance or Linkin Park chameleon act every album doesn’t mean that the final product is going to be any less tremendous.

Rescue is anything but a “safe” record. The album is as good as Silverstein has been in recent memory. The concepts are easily relatable songwriting, visceral shredding and high-arching, hook-laden tunes that have the ability to go from a soft tenor to vitriol-spewing harangues with the flip of a switch. Truth be told, front man Shane Told continues to be one of the most underrated lead throats in the scene, and that’s evident from the get go with “Medication” and “Sacrifice.” By the time you’re half a dozen songs in and tag team combo of Bayside’s Anthony Raneri (“Texas Mickey”) and Counterpart’s Brendan Murphy (“the Artist”) pop up on wax, it’s too late because you’re already hooked.

Rescue is the best of Silverstein seems if the label change did anything, it energized the band. Or pissed them off, either or. Either way you look at it, Rescue is still as good as the band has been in years.