Silverstein: 18 Candles: The Early Years

18 Candles: The Early Years

All words aside, 18 Candles: The Early Years is the record that Silverstein needed to release. It is a compilation of their first two releases, Summer’s Stellar Gaze and When The Shadows Beam (both out of print), along with acoustic, live and remixed tracks.

On “Summers Stellar Gaze,” we get to see Silverstein in their infancy, at their most vulnerable. The sound is so energetic and meaningful, but at the same time, it is clean. On “When The Shadows Beam,” their sound becomes more powerful and crafted.

The record is really finished off well by the b-side tracks. “My Heroine” and “Call It Karma” sound practically flawless acoustically. It also gives us the chance to see exactly what the tracks are supposed to sound like.

The live tracks “Discovering the Waterfront,” “Defend You” and “Bleeds No More” showcase what ferocity and power this band has in their music.