She Wants Revenge: Valleyheart

She Wants Revenge
(Five Seven)

For most bands that have churned out as many albums as the California-based duo She Wants Revenge, change is inevitable. Some use it as a time to reinvent themselves, reintroduce themselves, or expound on what they already do best.

With Valleyheart, She Wants Revenge does the latter, producing a sound that is just as fun and – let’s be honest, here – arousing as their former releases. Don’t look at me like that. You can’t deny that lyrics like “Pretty lover you’re the only one for me/ I swear to you/I’d die for you/Inside of you” in tandem with the intensity with which they’re belted out tend to hit down South in the best of ways.

Keeping with their signature style of dark wave – or dance, if singer Justin Warfield has anything to say about it – She Wants Revenge builds on that foundation by paying homage to their ‘80s predecessors as well as influences, the likes of which includes New Order, Depeche Mode, and The Psychadelic Furs. The result of which is Valleyheart: a fantastically sexy album with frighteningly addictive tracks, proving that for She Wants Revenge, change is definitely good.