She Bears: I Found Myself Asleep

She Bears
I Found Myself Asleep
(Deep Elm)

She Bears might find themselves grouped in with a specific music scene based on their debut full length album I Found Myself Asleep. She Bears are definitely flirting with today’s popular indie pop-rock sound widely held by the likes of Arcade Fire, Spoon, and even Modest Mouse.

Despite their trendy brand, I find the Athens, Ohio based six piece rockers to be quite refreshing. I Found Myself Asleep flaunts layered vocals over moody, melodic, and dynamic accompaniment. Though singer Stephen Pence’s vocal tone does not compare to world’s greatest singers, his tone is one that suits the She Bears’ unique sound, which benefits from his noteworthy fashion. Each individual instrument demonstrates a sense of unique urgency even amidst the album’s slow songs. If one particular attribute stands out most, it is Pence’s interesting and stylistic vocal approach.

I Found Myself Asleep’s first four tracks are a strong opening for any record, especially for a debut LP – kudos to She Bears for this mindful strategy. One can tell there was definitely some hard thought put into the album’s track sequence. The notable treasures are most definitely “Victim of Circumstance,” “Found Myself Asleep,” “Planes,” “Misery of Sainthood,” and the record’s ending climactic finale “Surely This Time”.

She Bears are energetic and noisy; they display soaring dynamics all over the album. The special gift hiding out underneath I Found Myself Asleep is the group’s potential and youth. I will be paying attention to She Bears and looking forward to hearing more.