Sharks: No Gods

No Gods

No Gods may technically be a debut, but by no means are Sharks newcomers,

The band has shared the stage with the likes of Gaslight Anthem, Crime in Stereo and Gallows, and it’s that experience that has Sharks sounding like veterans.

Call them punk, call them rock, call them what you will, No Gods blurs genre lines with powerful, intricate harmonies and spotless pop sensibilities. Sharks has a penchant for staunch harmonics and a portions of the record offers a throwback feeling to bands like Third Eye Blind-dominated 90’s. No, it’s not all mainstream pomp and circumstance. No Gods offers just as much Sharks being Sharks. The albums ability to generate a certain amount of crossover appeal with their over-the-top melodies without sacrificing elements that got them to where they are today makes No Gods a special listen.