Scorpions: Comeblack


(Sony Legacy)

Admittedly I wasn’t expecting too much when I heard Sony Legacy was releasing Scorpions’ Comeblack. With classic songs retooled plus a handful of cover songs, I figured it was just another old band trying to stay relevant and capture a little bit of that rock & roll glory riding off into the sunset.. Hell, maybe they are, who could blame them? The band, which has been hard at it for over 40 years, deserves a little respect.

From the open guitar chords of the first track “Rhythm of Love,” you can’t help feeling nostalgic for a little of that German hard rock and heavy metal.

With a fresh sound to old classics (forgive the cliché), Scorpions sound just as good, if not better, with the subtle changes to monster hits like “No One Like You,” “The Zoo,” “Rock You Like a Hurricane,” and “Still Loving You,” seven classic Scorpions songs in all.

Then there is the back half of the album, five cover versions.

More than just a rehashed greatest hits collection, Comeblack finds the Scorpions going back to their roots covering bands that made an impression on their lives. As you might guess, The Beatles and Rolling Stones are covered – “Across the Universe” and “Ruby Tuesday,” respectively. The band also puts their distorted stamp on the Kinks classic “All Day and All of the Night.”

Then there are a couple songs you might not expect the boys to cover, such as a metal version of T Rex’s “Children of the Revolution.” Moreover, the cover of “Tainted Love,” (Gloria Jones’ and later Soft Cell’s classic) is just a blast to listen to as guitar duo Matthias Jabs and Rudolf Schenker totally beef up the song behind front man Klaus Meine signature sonic vocal delivery.

When a band forms they do it for fun and love of the music. If they make it, that’s when all the corporate fuckery comes in to play. As Scorpions wind up their career, Comeblack is the perfect album to leave the fans with, as they are going back and making music for the reason you start a band – to have fun.

Farewell Scorpions, and thank you for decades of great music.