Sassy!!!: Get a Grip

Get a Grip
(Good Trouble)

Sassy!!! is a San Francisco punk rock band that likes to use a lot of exclamation points when they write, but it’s only fitting since their no-nonsense rock makes a statement.

Sassy!!! is a driving two-piece made up of Trixie Delicious on guitar and vocals along with Kitty Largewood keeping the beat on the drums and vocals. Before you say “yeah yeah, I’ve heard it all before – a two-piece combo in rock,” think again, weary reader. This duo rocks hard and has the power and crunch to make their album Get a Grip sound as huge as a full quintet.

Like a volcanic blast, Trixie and Kitty come out swinging on their debut long player and don’t let up until all 13 songs of a punk and garage rock blend have you knocked out on the canvas, only wanting to get up and go another round. So get a grip, figuratively and literally. Sassy!!! is indeed impressive with their harmony-soaked vocals and melodious hooks.

Sure these two girls are sexy, but get over it, they can rock and, with their feisty demeanor, they could probably kick your ass after the show.