Sassy!!!: Diggin Deep

Diggin Deep
Good Trouble

Three’s a crowd. Sassy!!! cuts the necessary roster down to the bare essentials. Trixie Delicious (Lynda Mandolyn) and Kitty Largewood (Christa DiBiase) have everything it takes to be a great band: frantic drumbeats, wild power chords, and a pair of vocals playing perfectly together.

Trixie Delicious’ guitar thunders throughout the album and Kitty Largewood’s drums are the lightning. Together they are the perfect storm; the listener can either run for cover or embrace the beautiful chaos. I, for one, will choose the latter. Vocally these ladies have power, harmony, and counterpoint. The play between their voices gives these songs a rare depth that is unheard of in any music this fun.

These ladies combine garage rock with bits of rockabilly and punk to churn out tracks as tasty as any bubblegum pop. Diggin’ Deep is made of 13 tracks that the Ramones might’ve been proud to play: three-minute hurricanes of toe-tapping force. But don’t be misled by the raw power and catchiness of these songs. Each one tells a story of love, jealousy, passion, or pain.

Just as Sassy!!! distilled the three or four member rock outfit down to two, they can tell an eight-minute ballad’s tale in two, and still have room to get the audience on their feet.