Sarah Fimm: Near Infinite Possibility

Sarah Fimm
Near Infinite Possibility

The title of this album says it all. With the sultriness of her voice, Sarah Fimm has nearly infinite possibilities of where she can take her music.

Though they sound experimental, Fimm’s songs are well-grounded in their strength and reality. With her, what you hear is what you get. The progressive tones add to the appeal of what she offers. Each track is a mark of ability. Near Infinite Possibility is not so much a group of songs, but more of messages. From one track to the next the listener sees a progression in her art, working from one form into another. The disc evolves as it plays, offering our ears ever-changing, yet stable, choices of sound. Even though they are self-contained, it is interesting to hear the different tones vary between the songs.

Fimm’s lyrics are poetic and her voice is reminiscent of the angst that so deeply saturates the likes of Fiona Apple and Tori Amos. What the listener hears is beautiful music tracking the plight of the female spirit. There is an angle of folklore hidden in each song, her personal sound a testament to the history of her gender and the burdens shouldered by her kind through the centuries. There is an obvious juxtaposition of ‘what was’ married to the ‘what will be’ aspects of life pulsing in the words of her songs.

She carries the themes with a grace and ease that is almost comforting. To hear the ease of her voice tracing through the songs is a comfort to the listener. There is no sweating or effort, just a depth and honesty that provides an enjoyable and rare stability. Near Infinite Possibility also provides an intimacy of sorts, creating the feeling of a small, dimly-lit venue where the only thing that matters is the woman in the spotlight pouring out her weaknesses for an interested audience. Sarah Fimm lets us in and gently holds our hands as we tread softly on her soul.

Despite what could be dreary and down-trodden music is laced with a pungent hint of hope and retribution. This is an album of lessons learned in hindsight. This is an album of growth. This is an album of near infinite possibility.