Sanctuary: The Complete Third Season

The Complete Third Season

Fans of TV sci-fi series are a tough bunch: if they don’t like your show you know about quickly through online rants and snarky tweets. But if they like it, they love it and will go to great lengths to let the rest of the world know that they should embrace it as well. “Sanctuary,” the Canadian series currently taking up residence on the Syfy Channel, falls into the latter category.

What started as a web series, the show has thrived thanks to a decent cast (distracting Canadian accents aside), intriguing stories, great special effects (a rarity on TV) and plenty of cool monsters. The show, reminiscent of the “X-Files” in its first few years, focuses on a group of scientists with the odd tech expert and con woman thrown in, who give sanctuary (get it?) to any number of creatures hiding on the planet. season three starts off with a massive title wave and the eventual revelation of a hollow earth. The team spends most of the following episodes looking for this new discovery. Don’t worry there’s plenty of creatures, vampires included, that pop up along the way.

Hearing the praises of sci-fi geeks across the globe, the series was recently picked up for a fourth season.