Run Forever: The Devil and Death and Me

Run Forever
The Devil and Death and Me
Solidarity Recordings

Well you can’t accuse the guys in Pittsburgh punk outfit Run Forever of false advertising.

On The Devil Death and Me, a re-release of the band’s 2009 debut (initially self-released), the trio devotes just about the entire album to songs of death, betrayal and well… more death.

The result is a bit tiring after the first couple of tracks. Musically the band is tight, but singer Anthony Heubel’s vocals grow thin early. The songs, a few exceptions aside (like “The Grand Illusion” and “When It Won’t Leave”), sound pretty much like the slew of emo bands that hijacked punk music for much of the last decade before being chased back behind the counters of Hot Topics everywhere.

Stripped down, Run Forever shows some promise and probably deserves a second shot. So perhaps a good producer and a proper label (the band recently signed to San Jose, California-based indie Solidarity Records) can help the band find a more unique sound.