Ruby the RabbitFoot: New As Dew

Ruby-The-Rabbit-Foot--New-As-Dew-album-coverRuby the RabbitFoot
New As Dew

Within the first few trickles of her second album ‘New As Dew,’ Ruby and her lucky friends give the listener a feel for what is to follow. And it’s a good feeling. Their ability to mold fresh beats from old sounds is a running thread from start to end. If you like to smile, you’ve come to the right place.

“Ways” is the first song on the disc, and it does a wonderful job of drawing you in with a strolling melody and the soft, throaty voice of lead singer Ruby Kendrick; it’s the perfect welcome mat for the tour of her 10-song dwelling. Think of the heart and sound of Mazzy Star in a smiling, slightly more up-tempo kaleidoscope. The singer takes center stage, but still thrives within the surrounding music as both compliment the nuances of the other. Call the naturalists, because this is a specimen of truly organic music. It may seem as if it’s wandering, but it’s actually flowing together in a direction right where you want—no, need—to go. Had a long day of pencil pushing and number crunching? Pop this in your player.

Every song has a transcendental quality to it, whispering to take you away and put you into the yellow, care-free opening of ‘The Little House on the Prairie.’ Ruby fully takes control of her voice and the ripple effect it can produce. She never loses her cool and masters her own jazzy, old-soul sounds to open a picturesque landscape for the listener’s ears. She doesn’t miss a beat and stays on course for the 35 minutes of her musical journey, never straying into an unforeseen, experimental, ear-jarring opus of personal exploration. Ruby always has her thumb on the pulse of her own talent and beautifully translates it into undeniably appealing acoustics.

It’s both awesome and flattering when an artist can deliver a product that pleasantly reeks of their skills and can still envelope the listener. Add Ruby the RabbitFoot to that list. Instead of displaying their natural abilities behind a glass wall of sound waves, the team ignores the fourth wall and pulls us along in their optimistic Radio Flyer. This being their sophomore piece, the group may not be as new as dew, but they are definitely as right as rain.

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