Rosie Thomas: If Songs Could Be Held

Rosie Thomas
If Songs Could Be Held
(Sub Pop)

On her third full length album in as many years, the Seattle-based singer/songwriter Rosie Thomas has released what could be her catalyst album. With the 11-track album, Thomas has achieved her most easily reached to date.

The pixie-like signer caters to her introspective side with her song lyrics. Thomas has written songs that are balanced with strings, piano and simple acoustic guitar strums.

As well polished as the songs structures and lyrics are, Thomas’ vocal delivery envelopes this album and makes it great. On If Songs Could Be Held, Thomas is at her best, when she takes control of the songs and sings them with passion and not just singing words. She becomes her melodies inside and out. “Pretty Dress” and “Guess It May” clearly showcase this part of Thomas.

While her lyrics are steadfast in their melancholy vanity and romantic questioning the character of the confessional singer/songwriter is appropriately satisfied, the end result is a heartfelt collected works for rainy Sunday morning.