Rock Prophecies: Directed by: John Chester

rock_prophecies_portfolioRock Prophecies
Directed by: John Chester

There is no other way to put it. Robert Knight is a rock legend. No he is not a muscian, but you’ve seen his work. He is one of rock ‘n’ roll’s most celebrated photographers.

At 60 years old, Knight has been shooting bands for 40 years and has accumulated over 200,000 photos. Name any legendary rock band and Knight has shot them and is most likely friends with them. From Zepplin to Hendrix, Jeff Beck to Slash, Knight has been there and seen it all through his camera lens.

“Rock Prophecies” documents Knight’s amazing career and life from his upbringing in Hawaii to present day with his wife. Knight, who narrates the film himself takes the viewer inside his life from being allowed to go hang out at Jeff Beck’s English castle home, to being honored along side Slash at the Las Vegas Hard Rock Cafe to meeting his photograher idol, the late great Jim Marshall.

Knight has an affinity for loud live rock n roll shows, more specifically guitar players. Through the documentry we have interviews with Jeff Beck, Slash, Carlos Santana, Steve Vai, Kenny Wayne Shepherd and Robert Cray, just to name a few. First and foremost Knight is a fan who has been ofered millions of dollars for his collection and he has turned them down…more than once. But when his mother is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease, Knight struggles with selling his work to pay for her incresing medical coverage. Luckily his collection is spared when Janine Hendrix, sister of Jimi buys all of Knight’s photos, negatives and rights to his Hendrix collection. Knight is perfectly fine with this since the photos are ending up in the right hands – Hendrix’ family. And furthermore it is for his mother and as he says, that’s all that matters.

Knight is very engaging in this documentry, you can’t help feel for the guy when he continously visits his ailing mother, who at one time thought his hobby was foolish. Robert Knight is talented, there is no question, but after watching “Rock Prophecies” he is a stand up guy and has a passion for music to this day that he had more than 50 years ago.