Rilo Kiley: More Adventurous

Rilo Kiley
More Adventurous

On More Adventurous, Rilo Kiley strikes out from their Saddle Creek roots and attempts to capitalize on the public’s recent indie-pop jones. The move undeniably has led to a tighter, more refined sound for the band, but for fans of Rilo Kiley’s earlier work, More Adventurous may come off as a bit too…produced. The album has its share of solid numbers, most notably the radio-friendly “Portions for Foxes,” but there are moments on the album where one is forced to scratch his head and wonder what the band was thinking. Most notably, “Ripchord” finds lead singer Jenny Lewis taking a backseat as band mate Blake Sennett (or Soper, as the Salute Your Shorts faithful will remember him) limps through a weak, lo-fi acoustic number on his own. As a whole, this low point stands as the exception to an overall solid offering, consisting largely of a collection of solid songs punctuated by the occasional flash of genius that fans of the band have come to expect. Lewis’ trademark sugary voice is in fine form, as is her wry wit and often scathing undertones. We find the band experimenting with a wider array of instrumentation than on previous outings, flirting at times with ambitious, orchestral arrangements (the lush “Does He Love You?”) that honestly seem out of place among otherwise bouncy, catchy indie-pop. These momentary attempts at grandeur can be forgiven, however, as More Adventurous delivers a collection of songs that longtime fans will undoubtedly find satisfying, while catching to ear of the casual listener.