Riddle of Steel: Got This Feelin’

Riddle of Steel
Got This Feelin’

The frontier of experimental rock has been forged once again with Riddle of Steel’s third album Got This Feelin.’ Starting off with the feel-good “Lovers of Nothing,” Riddle of Steel manages to shake your soul without too much emphasis on bass. In fact it is Rob Smith on drums who stands out most. Particularly on “This is a House of Lies,” where he proves to be a match for the spontaneity of the St. Louis band.

Another gift of the band is their transcendence of labels – RoS slips from punk to stoner rock and from classic rock to quasi-metal in the span of three songs all the while creating a sound on songs such as “Sunshine Strangler” that combines elements from each to make something new altogether. In a town where bands such as the Conformists and Corbeta Corbata have perfected the art of stop-ho spontaneous fuck-it-up rock, Riddle of Steel adds depth to songs that contain multiple hooks that alone could rival with any of the aforementioned. Though not quite as experimental as Queens of the Stone Age, Feelin’ is indeed clever with songs such as “Deeper Still” that are something better than generic current rock and yet able to be appreciated by connoisseurs of early Police and the Deftones alike. Tough to figure/tough to break: I present you Riddle of Steel.