Retisonic: Levittown EP

Levittown EP
(Modern City/Ascetic)

Since I’ve never heard Retisonic until I got this disc, I can give a true and unbiased (mostly, since I just found out there’s an ex-member of the beloved Bluetip in there) review of this EP. This disc is a total rocker. Levittown is packed full of super solid drumming and backing vocals from Joe Gorlick, formerly of Garden Variety, the precision bass-thumping work of Jim Kimball, and a heavy dose of chugging rock ‘n’ roll guitar accompanied by swoonish vocals courtesy of Jason Farrell.

Levittown opens with an up-tempo jewel “Curses!” that unloads its fury after a few seconds of reverbed-out drums and noisy foreshadowing. After that finishes smacking you around, “In A Mean Town” makes nice for a bit with straight and solid beats before the intermittent smacking-you-around sessions resume, distributed by the rocking choruses. The title track is a slower-paced track that has kind of a Queens of the Stone Age feel to it, especially in parts of the dual vocal melodies. “Stitch It Up” follows suit with angular drum beats and guitar riffs. Every track on this disc is catchy and will definitely hook some part of your noggin. It may take a few listens, but you will end up tapping out a beat from one of the songs without knowing it before you realize that you’ve been snagged.