Reilly: Self-Titled (CEN/RED)


Not all albums can transcend genres, space and time, but newcomer Reilly has a voice and style which generates true emotional power. Originally from Allentown, Pennsylvania, where she studied voice and piano while performing with local and regional theatre groups since the age of three, Reilly moved to New York in 2015 to focus more fully on her music.

Reilly may look like your classic American 20-something dealing with the same hopes, dreams and aspirations of most people her age, but what is not typical is Reilly has the gift to express, through contagious pop-rock melodies and intuitive lyrics. The everyday struggle of her generation with her message and voice are heard loud and clear on her debut self-titled EP. The singer/songwriter’s vocal quality is consistently impressive and her songwriting is personal, evocative, and genuine. As I listen to the tracks on this EP, I can’t help but feel like I’ve been introduced to a sweet soul. It makes me feel like I’ve gotten to know a new friend.

Reilly’s sincere style comes through in what we might call pop music, although it’s got a style that is essentially soft rock. The lyrics create some really great images, including a sense of falling in love, beautiful togetherness and heartache. Although the pop feel is consistent throughout the entire EP, some tracks are straight rock & roll. “Wild Side” will put you in the mood to jump up on a table and dance like nobody’s watching. Elsewhere is her version of the White Stripes “My Doorbell.” The opener “Find My Way” tells an inspiring story of getting knocked down but standing tall backed by a sweet melody. Ultimately, it’s Reilly’s charming vocals which shines through and leaves the listener with a smile on their face.

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