Rachael Sage: New Destination

RachaelSage-NewDestinationRachael Sage
New Destination

Slow and steady wins the race, they say. Well, give Ms. Sage the cigar: SHE WINS! Her album ‘New Destination’ marks her 12th trip to the studio, and she stays true to her breezy, personal style. Wonderfully composed and played, though the four songs on this disc give an insightful snapshot of her beautiful talents, they sadly do not paint a picture of her range.

Sage’s latest endeavor is good, but it’s also very safe. It certainly pleases the ear, but seems to lack the push of her full potential. She has plugged in the lamp, but hasn’t turned it on. Fortunately, the music she does include on the CD has the soft and warm texture indicative of an artist who enjoys her skills without pushing them beyond their means. The sound may be tethered, but Sage revels in what little space she offers herself. Though probably not for every audience, the music is genuine and works as the white noise of a summer afternoon on the back deck with nothing but a cold drink and a gentle breeze to keep you company. Sage is able to express in her songs what many people search for their whole lives: self-comfort.

It’s that simplicity that draws us in: she knows what she can do and serves it up on a silver platter. We like her music because she likes her music. She has nothing to prove and wears her own style—in the words of Ace Ventura—like a glove. These songs want to be heard, and Sage has proven herself to be the perfect conduit. Her youthful voice, as cool as the shade of blue that decorates the disc cover and running in the same race as ’90s artist Jewel, is wonderfully complimented by the accompanying instruments to share aloud the even and steady flow of her welcoming tone.

This EP is a practice in the tried and true boundaries of Rachael Sage’s musical skills. It’s not a re-imagining of her talents, but a reintroduction. Within these four songs, she walks an old path to bring us to her ‘New Destination.’ And it’s a trip you’re going to enjoy.