Rachael Sage: Choreographic (MPress)

Rachael Sage

New York-based singer/songwriter Rachael Sage is the consummate performer who has remained DIY to the core since her salad days 20 years ago on her debut album ‘Morbid Romantic.’

‘Choreographic’ is the prolific singer/songwriters 12th album and features Sage’s touring band, The Sequins. Through the years and albums, the self-proclaimed “glittery songstress” has remained true to her piano-based pop music, but has not been afraid to branch out into genres. ‘Choreographic’ could possibly be Sage’s more diverse in her music archive. Rich with textures straddling the boundaries of pop, rock, jazz, and classical genres, this album is a colorful journey that makes you feel alive while you sit back and listen.

The lead single “Try Try Try” is infectious with its danceable mainstream pop beats. The following track, “Home” could very well be heard on a country station with its introspective lyrics, slow drawl, and layered chorus. Then there is the bluesy swagger of “I’ve Been Waiting” which feels a lot like a humid, hot New Orleans night.

The thing with ‘Choreographic,’ and Sage’s career for that matter, is the devil is in the details. On the surface her music is pop based with themes of love, loss, self-doubt, and empowerment, nothing really new there. However, when you listen, perhaps dig a little deeper, it is the subtle musical additions to her music which keeps you entranced. It could be a fiddle on a pop song or a wah pedal on a blues song or distorted voice in a ballad. This little elements not only make you pay attention to the music, but catch your ear to find out what the songs are about.

Since hearing Sage all those years ago, it’s been a pleasure to watch her career, musically and business, grow. She is an extremely hard worker putting everything she has into her artistic nature. ‘Choreographic’ is another masterful addition to her collection.

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