Race the Sun: The Rest of Our Lives Is Tonight

Race the Sun
The Rest of Our Lives Is Tonight

If you take a look at the CD jacket, you’ll know all the basics contributing to the foundation of Virginia-born Race the Sun, as the band’s thank you’s pay tribute to pop punk ensembles Fallout Boy, Spitalfield, and Thursday (among others, of course). Likewise, their debut full-length album, The Rest of our Lives is Tonight, features 11 tracks pondering adolescence in the language of a Dawson’s Creek script—something that’s seemingly successful in today’s age of so-called punk music. For those of you that enjoy attempted tributes to emo pioneers like Dashboard Confessional, Race the Sun might just do it for you.

But if the heartfelt lyrics aren’t enough for the romantic in you, then you might consider letting Race the Sun make up for the mush with their sound: they’ve got the energy of AFI, and complexity in their musical arrangements that are somewhat reminiscent of Jimmy Eat World. Hopefully, they’ll opt to keep producer and engineer Jesse Cannon (Hot Rod Circuit, The Cure) on board, as well as Alan Douches (Hot Water Music, Jets to Brazil, Thrice, Alkaline Trio), who mastered the album.

The best parts of the album, though, come with their harmonies. Daniel Long carries the album as lead vocalist, but when Joshua Thomas and James Henderson chime in, you’ll undoubtedly find yourself listening a bit harder. Regardless of which aspect of Race the Sun music sounds intriguing to you, my advice is to check out the tracks that are available for download on the band’s Website before throwing down your hard-earned cash.