Psychomania: Starring – Nicky Henson, George Sanders, Beryl Reid, Mary Larkin (Arrow/MVD)

Starring: Nicky Henson, George Sanders, Beryl Reid, Mary Larkin

Feeding off the motorcycle fad in the States behind “Easy Rider,” “The Wild One,” and “The Wild Angels,” director Don Sharpe and writer Julian Zimet, created “Psychomania.” Originally released in 1973 under the title “The Death Wheelers,” “Psychomania” is a British thriller filled with motorcycle gangs, the afterlife and murder.

Tom Latham (Nicky Henson) leads a leather clad motorcycle gang called The Living Dead who raise hell around town and hang out at the Seven Witches Cemetery. Tom has a fascination with death since his father died in a secret room in their house, and his mother is a medium. Tom believes if you want to die and believe you will come back, you actually will. His curiosity gets the best of him, and Tom takes his own life in a motorcycle accident and comes back as the undead…although he looks exactly the same as he did prior to death. He raises more hell, eventually committing murder, and encourages his biker buddies to follow his lead, and they do. Some come back, and some don’t. But Tom can’t convince his girlfriend Abby (Mary Larkin) to take the leap of faith. Or death, as it were. When Tom’s mother, Mrs. Latham (Beryl Reid) finds out her son has used his special powers for evil doings, she uses her medium powers to breach her contract with death to make things right again.

The re-release of “Psychomania” comes in both DVD and Blu-Ray format with an archive featurette “Return of the Living Dead,” a plethora of interviews and original trailers and art work.