Plunder: The Crime of Our Time

The Crime of Our Time

The intentions behind “Plunder: The Crime of Our Time,” the latest investigative documentary by filmmaker Danny Schechter, are admirable. It’s in the execution that leaves something to be desired.

Schechter, probably best known for the documenty “In Debt We Trust,” makes no bones about where he stands on the admittedly shameful greed by banks and traders that led to the historical recession we are still trying to dig ourselves out of. The scenes of protests from those losing their homes, almost stock footage of bloated Wall Street workers lighting cigars, the liberal talking heads all shaming the banks, the government and the mainstream media in almost identical diatribes are all, well predictable. And I’m a Liberal!

By not bringing out anyone to offer a different take on the already-well worn story you’ve got to wonder what the point in putting out this film was.

The problem with docs like this is the same thing that makes listening to right wing radio so pointless: you are simply preaching to the choir then trotting out an endless list of folks who agree with you. Sure it’s red meat for the loyalists, but why bother?