Playboy Manbaby: You Can Be A Fascist Too b/w I’d Like To Meet Your Parents 7″ (Dirty Water)

PlayboyManbaby-YouCanBeAFascistTooPlayboy Manbaby
You Can Be A Fascist Too b/w I’d Like To Meet Your Parents 7″
(Dirty Water)

Phoenix, Arizona-based DIY-flag bearers Playboy Manbaby were originally going to release the first single “You Can Be A Fascist Too” off their forthcoming album in February, but considering the recent election results, the punk rockers moved up the date to coincide with inauguration day. Good on them!

In their press release, the band has been described as “the contradictory soundtrack to the contemporary life experience” and that is a solid summation. With the doe-eyed passion and angst of a teen, the band deliver controlled spastic punk which is not only full of sarcasm, but drenched in 20/20 perception.

Playboy Manbaby — Robbie Pfeffer (vocals), Chris Hudson (bass), TJ Friga (guitar), David Cosme (trumpet), Chad Dennis (drums), and Austin Rickert (sax) — bring to mind such powerhouse luminaries as Mike Watt, Jim Carroll, and Black Flag on lead track “You Can Be A Fascist Too.” The contradiction of Pfeffer’s screaming vocals and the Beatles sing-a-long chorus is infectious. The added sax and chant gives this punk gem more layers than an old onion.

The flipside, “I’d Like To Meet Your Parents” is bouncy, fast-paced rocker with a brilliant guitar melody and head banging chorus. Again, the juxtaposition is perfect. The song is an ode to 30-somethings trying to figure out what the fuck they are doing with their lives after failed marriages, having kids, even being mugged. Though that might sound depressing, the song is really entertaining and that is what Playboy Manbaby is all about. Having a good time and writing brilliant punk songs which straddle the lines of humorous and controversial. “You Can Be A Fascist Too” b/w “I’d Like To Meet Your Parents” 7-inch is a perfect tease to their upcoming album and I can’t wait to hear the rest of what they have in store.