Placebo: B3


It seems, not so long ago the British-trio Placebo said they were taking some time off, a hiatus if you will. Well, that didn’t last long as the boys return with B3, an EP of five new songs.

The limited edition release opens with the title track, a song drenched in classic Placebo sound. Resonating synths carry the song as front man/guitarist Brian Molko breaks into verse before exploding into guitar-driven choruses.  Since picking up new drummer Steve Forrest, Placebo has a harder-hitting sound where the drums are pushed forward in the songs, as evident in the hard rocker “I Know You Want to Stop.” Present are their dark and melodic trademark sound and Molko’s desperate drug-filled lyrics – case in point the political-heavy “I.K.W.Y.L.”

In short, Brian Molko (guitar/vocals), Stefan Olsdal (bass) and Steve Forrest (drums) are giving fans a little taste of what’s to come for their 2013 full-length. B3 isn’t a big departure or showing any changes at all, frankly. It’s just a solid five-song EP to let everyone know that Placebo is still alive and kicking.