Piano: Ghost Pirates Without Heads

Ghost Pirates Without Heads

This is one ambitious but risky recording, filled with imagination and complexity. The band’s mature sensibilities and Nick Krgovich’s sharp pop songcraft save the record from being dismissed as simply too quirky for most adventurous music fan. Virtually the entire record is complemented further by use of ukulele, accordion and horns. But the instruments just lay the foundation because the album is additionally structured with lush arrangements that recall the best of Magnetic Fields, especially with the addition of bleeps, clicks, and other trippy sounds.

Although 11 songs grace this record, it’s actually considered an EP, clocking in at just over 26 minutes. But the sweet mood lingers long after. All of the songs fulfill the promise of the record’s cohesiveness, and are highlighted by the tracks “Foot Hills,” “Enchanted Forest,” and “When You Garden In Your Garden” (with lovely backing vocals throughout that repeat like fingers snapping – and snappy it is).

This is one sweet cake of an album. P:ano offer up weird but fun tunes and pop narcotics for indie underground music fans and freaks alike.