Peter Block: S/T

Peter Block
(Engine Room)

musician once told me that he writes his poppiest songs while in the worst moods. The press release for Peter Block’s self-titled album is no fairy tale. Throughout the making of the album, Block went through a divorce and also suffered from painful herniated discs. These events have the makings of a miserable time and a possible bummer of an album, but that is not quite the case.

Writing a catchy pop song with dark, despondent lyrics is a wonderful feat that only the best songwriters can pull off. For instance, “Icicle Days” is a fun song filled with plenty of “do-do-do’s,” but a survey of lyrics would reveal something else. For instance, Block does tend to repeat “Living in a world without love” over and over. “Die A Little Everyday” lets everyone know how depressed Block may be. Other unhappy song titles include “Good to See You Gone,” “I No Longer Resemble Myself” and “Room Full of Empty Chairs.” As sad as these song titles may be, Block’s song arrangements remain fun and cheerful.

Music is obviously Block’s medication throughout his difficult period, and as bad as this sounds, it has given us some fun, at least on the surface, pop tunes to enjoy. On the surface, things may not be so bad for Block as it’s amazing what a few “do-do-do’s” can do to mask your inner anguish.