Pete RG: Tender Souls (4L Ent)

pete-rg_tender-souls_cover-master-rgb_smallPete RG
Tender Souls
(4L Ent)

With a booming voice that could put the Crash Test Dummies’ Brad Roberts to shame, Pete RG turns in another solid solo record with ‘Tender Souls,’ his second full length after a number of EPs. Combining influences as varied as The National and classic U2, he delivers a lush soundscape that is big on swirling guitars and keyboards. But it’s RG’s voice that really makes the music, punctuating the lyrics with a sound that would come off as too earnest from just about anyone else.

The only downside is that the songs tend to blend into one another after a while with each sounding pretty familiar to the one before it, with a few exceptions.

Pete RG (born Peter Argyropoulos) fronted the band Last December before going solo. He’s also produced a number of other groups and founded his own label.