Petal: Comfort [7-inch] (Run For Cover)

(Run For Cover)

Petal is the project of Scranton, PA talented singer/songwriter Kiley Lotz. The band made their mark a couple years back with their debut album ‘Shame.’ Mixing lo-fi guitar work and indie pop with confident, but aching vocals, led this band to tours including Pinegrove, Julien Baker, Pity Sex, Kevin Devine, and Beach Slang.

Currently in the studio finishing up her sophomore album, which is scheduled for a 2018 release, Petal has put out this three song 7-inch as a stop gap entitled ‘Comfort.’

The title track opens the vinyl with Lotz angelic voice singing over a clean electric guitar. The lover’s lament tugs at your heart as Lotz soars with her voice pleading her case of love. The second track is Lotz with a piano covering the Fleetwood Mac song “Silver Springs.” It’s an interesting take on the track, nearly better than the original. The final cut on the record is “15,” another piano ballad. It shows how talented Lotz is when she is singing about her day at the office and you are hanging on her every word to see where the song goes. The addition of the clean guitar also adds more weight to the track.

Petal’s Kiley Lotz has a theater background and it pays off with her songwriting, her singing style, and overall mood of her music. She is a sure talent, which will hopefully stick around for years to come.