Paul Kelly & Charlie Owen: Death’s Dateless Night (Cooking Vinyl)

PaulKelly-CharlieOwen-DeathsDatelessNightPaul Kelly & Charlie Owen
Death’s Dateless Night
(Cooking Vinyl)

Well, you can’t say Paul Kelly isn’t keeping himself busy. In the past few years, one of Australia’s greatest musical exports has put out a fantastic live album with Neil Finn (‘Goin’ Your Way’), a record of Shakespeare sonnets put to music (‘Seven Sonnets and a Song’) and now ‘Death’s Dateless Night,’ a dozen cover songs tailor-made for funerals and wakes.

Alongside guitarist Charlie Owen, Kelly lends a beautiful voice to a somewhat dark project.

There are some obvious goodbye songs here, like Leonard Cohen’s “Bird on a Wire” and The Beatles’ “Let it Be,” but there are some also some inspired choices here, like Cole Porter’s “Don’t Fence Me In” and Hank William’s “Angel of Death.”

While the subject may be a little morbid, it’s a conversation most will have at one time or another when planning that final send off. Kelly and Owen have simply set up a beautiful menu for anyone looking for just that right song to go out on.