Partner: In Search of Lost Time (You’ve Changed)

In Search of Lost Time
(You’ve Changed)

Partner is a Canadian duo made up of Josée Caron and Lucy Niles who are turning ears on with their garage rock and clever sense of humor.

On the band’s debut album, ‘In Search Of Lost Time’ they’ve been compared to everyone from Dinosaur Jr. and Sleater-Kinney to Weezer. Fans are smitten with their playful, quirky lyrics about sex, smoking pot, and the hipster lifestyle.

They are good at what they are doing and the “skits” in between songs is a cute idea, but doesn’t really hold water. If you wade through the haze of pot smoke and silly jokes here is all you need to know about Partner.

Put on any album by 1990s alt rockers like Veruca Salt or Letters to Cleo and you will hear Partner, only those ’90s bands do it better. Partner is just another band trying to capitalize on the resurgence of the greatest era in music, but why do you need Partner when the original bands are back doing it better than ever?