Paper Aeroplanes: The Day We Ran Into the Sea

Paper Aeroplanes
The Day We Ran Into the Sea
Ok! Good

Former members of Halflight Sarah Howells and Richard Llewellyn present a new and different vibe with their current group, Paper Aeroplanes. Still savoring the alt-pop flavor they had before, The Day We Ran Into the Sea has the same deep emotion but adds a dash of whimsy and lightness. While their previous work with Halflight was more dark and brooding, this rebirth has given their sound a more vibrant boost.  It is clear that this album was created to tap into the listener’s emotional core with a gentler and softer delivery.

This team from West Wales knows exactly how to please the ear. Melodic lines that sink deep within the mind make it impossible not to hum, smile and wonder why you are now just finding out about this group. The first track, “Cliché” immediately sets the tone.  And while it may be a cliché to write, this album inspires watching the shore on a dark and blustery day or watching the rain from the comfort of a warm and cozy room.

The Day We Ran Into the Sea is timeless, with a Cranberries meets Sundays sound in every mandolin flicker, acoustic guitar pick and sweet flowing melody. They are clearly paying homage to the sweet sounds of the nineties and flooding the senses with memories. Paper Aeroplanes far surpasses expectations and is a wonderful introduction for any alt-pop virgin. You know it’s good when the lyrics are as deep and fantastic as the music that accompanies them. From the eco-friendly packaging, intriguing artwork and three engaging bonus tracks, The Day We Ran Into the Sea is perfect for anyone’s chillout playlist.