Overcome: The Great Campaign of Sabotage

The Great Campaign of Sabotage

Having been around for two decades, Overcome has been around the block, and, as is to be expected with bands that go a decade between releases, their latest offering The Great Campaign of Sabotage, shows a considerable amount of rust.

Not only is the overall production value and sound of the record an obstacle, after a few tracks, the riffs seem to drone on until they become repetitious. Additionally, the vocals come across flat and awfully monotone. Fortunately not every song is disposable. A trio of songs (“Body of Death,” “Profession,” “Amnesty”) do provide a little bit of hope and separation from the rest of the sludge. However, even those songs suffer from some of the same pitfalls that essentially doom the rest of the work.

There just isn’t much to take away from this record, as The Great Campaign of Sabotage certainly finds Overcome as a shell of the band they once were, and for this to be the bands second first impression that is just unfortunate.