Only Thieves: Heartless Romantics

Only Thieves
Heartless Romantics

Tallahassee, Florida’s Only Thieves may live about a thousand miles away from New Jersey, but listening to Heartless Romantics, you’d be forgiven for thinking the trio grew up in Asbury Park, just down the street from Bruce Springsteen.

The band also takes plenty of influence from the rest of those bearded punk rockers from nearby Gainesville, borrowing just a bit of swagger from bands like Hot Water Music and Against Me! Through 10 tracks, the band starts the record off with the brilliant “All the Sad Young Men” and never let up.  It’s impossible to find a weak track on the record.

Mixing punk rock, some blistering guitars, and Springsteen’s knack for writing compelling and intelligent rock songs, Only Tuhieves has turned in an exciting full length, that’s both an appropriate follow up to 2009’s EP Greetings From Levy Park (Speaking of Springsteen…) and a fantastic introduction for those who have never heard the band before.