OhGr: UnDeveloped


Nivek Ogre’s is a very distinctive voice in the industrial world. UnDeveloped is a cold, familiar, apocalypse. Fans of OhGr and Skinny Puppy will feel at ease in this soundscape, but there are still new thrills lurking behind every turn.

Both leading tracks, ‘101’, and ‘Crash’ come with their own intros: a glimpse of voices which pull the listener into the album. Destruction seems to have come at the hands of medicine and corruption.

However, OhGr once again deviates from the expected. There is heavy electro-pop influences layered within the harsher industrial machine. ‘Bellew’, for example, begins with a jaunty synth oscillating beneath Ogre’s vocals. The synth is eventually marched over, but isn’t crushed.

There are a few points of light within this overall dark album. The interplay of darkness and light characterize the album. But the light is a harsh light of day, standing in contrast to the darker industrial elements; the result is that the dark is darkest where the light is brightest.

UnDeveloped is anything but; OhGr is a developing force. It’s impossible to tell exactly what is to come, but there is something to be said for any band which continues to evolve through their fourth album.