Novatone: Jupiter Sessions EP

Jupiter Sessions EP

Guitar-driven, lethargically heavy, yet slightly mellow, Novatone’s light metal sound draws on flavors from all across the board. The five-song EP opens with “Seltzer,” kicking off with full, dark guitars in the vein of a subdued Blue Oyster Cult, and long-drawn, melodic vocals complement the crunchy precision of the guitars. The second song, “Side By Side,” sounds like a Queens of the Stone Age hit with a few extras including keyboard harmony and chiming effects which contrast with the deeper sounds. Then “Angeline” opens with piano and keyboards echoing and vibrating behind weary vocals, and expands back into the dominating guitars again. “Does She Want Me” packs the tightest, fastest punch with livelier guitar and your classic rock solo over a whining minor pentatonic scale. Although it’s the shortest song, as the chorus repeats in a long drone “we are getting stoned in a room” backed by simple, dynamic piano chords, the song mixes the rawness of the Stooges with a bite all its own. The closer, “Easy As You Love,” verges a bit from the rest of the album with more sprawling, psychedelic patterns, but it also seems to verge on sprawling a little too long and getting off track. Although the EP clocks in at just under 20 minutes, it feels a little longer just because of the lack of direction the songs possess, sometimes seeming to stray off far from where they began, but not ending fully conclusively, either. No doubt about it, however, Jupiter Sessions shows that Novatone consists of many talented musicians, and if they cut and edit just a little, their mixture of solid guitar and harmonizing keyboard and vocals combine to create an original and provocative sound.